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About Us

This is an organization which, among other things, seeks to be the best civics teacher on YouTube.
Our Website went “live” in October 2022

Self-Government & Civics

Talking about government in the USA usually creates groans. Civics is a class one only takes in High School in the USA because it is required. Government as a subject – well it is boring AND political.

Can we also agree that all around the world, as social media like Facebook has spread, societies have begun pulling themselves apart. And perhaps, that’s contributing to the appearance that (Self-)Government is incapable.

Before Self-government became self-evident, almost every society was governed by a Monarch – a King that had life-and-death authority. And about 100 years ago, the world started forming Communist societies, built perhaps on the theories of Marx and Engels.

Those alternatives went away. Did democracy win? Why doesn’t this feel like winning???

It would be one of the most tragic of mistakes to accept the false myth that self-government as you know it today is the best it can be. It would be tragic to even for a second think we should just live with the corruption, the lack of functionality, and that this is our new normal – or worse, that the simplicity of an authoritarian is better than self-government. That is tragically false.

Self-government is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Thus the behavior of the people has a profound impact on the performance of self-government. Civic virtue, anyone?

That’s the good news. The bad news is that for all of us to achieve a much better society, a lot of us are going to have to let go of Hate. It just so turns out to be true that hatred drives a society apart.

Not everyone has to love all of the rest of humanity. And not everyone has to inform the public about civic virtue and its value to a healthy society. Nope. That’s our job. 🙂

We’re as passionate about this as the kid in the red sweater enjoying the national mall.

As of October, 2022 we just have a dream, belief, and a bunch of ideas and scripts for videos. We are just being transparent, which we will always be.


Tweets about us by famous people

This website went public in October of 2022. Celebrity tweets are absolutely factual, real, authentic, and also fictitious. Some are our heroes, others, well, you decide.

100% real tweet. Absolutely.
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We aspire to be viewed favorably by the Vindmans, whom we respect.