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How we do what we do

Creating timeless content on civics and civic virtue that is above all, as truthful as possible, and ideally worthy of being shared.

How – reaching the people & empowering them to spread our content

The most cost effective way to have content reach people is through social media – not specifically any company, but simply, “electronically”. Right after the printing press became widespread, people who printed pamphlets could choose to raise trouble.

In that vein, we have a brand promise – our content will seek to espouse truth and be open to constructive feedback and feature corrections where errors were made. Furthermore, it will hopefully be mildly entertaining. Our founder says that if he has to be goofy and silly to achieve our objectives, he is willing to be the first to do so and be a fool on the internet. The content strives to be uplifting, respectful, generous, warm, and positive to everyone, or at least, to everyone possible in this climate of division and anger. If our content addresses adult topics, it will be marked in advance.

That means almost every message will encourage people to spend time with the people that love them and the people that they love. Life is short – Make sure the important people in your life know your feelings. Heck, we might even encourage you (ala Brene Brown) to be vulnerable with them.

At the beginning, we plan to be only online. Over time, we plan to have cities where chapters of leaders are, and have in-person events there. In short, yes, we want to create online content – because we want to reach and educate people. One day we may start doing that with in-person events. We want to reach people and encourage them to think, and respectfully present what we believe are truths, and then respect the decisions that people make with that information. What else can you do? This is how life is.

Share the love

To the extent that we have earned the honor of having you share our content, we encourage you to do so. The best advertising is the kind you never pay for but is hardest to earn – positive, genuine word-of-mouth. When a person believes in an organization and the promises that the organization makes to the point they are willing to put their own personal credibility on the line – well, that organization has done an amazing job.

We would be immensely complimented by anyone who does that for us. Deeply appreciative of a potential friend.