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What We Do

Educate the world on civics and civic virtue

What We Do

We strive to become the best civics teachers on YouTube, or whatever medium is or becomes more important to reach people anywhere and everywhere. Yes, our founder is an American (Yankee???)

Every great educator must come to grips with this truth:

No teacher has any control over which students come to take a seat in their class. Nevertheless, they must seek to have every influence on the enlightenment that leaves.

Jose Torres

This has a couple of consequences. One, the teacher cannot care if the student belongs to this group or that group or another group. The teacher cannot hold group membership against any student. One cannot be prejudiced against any vessel which seeks knowledge. One cannot pre-judge any who is or who is not worthy of the gifts of wisdom, of enlightenment, of self-awareness, of self-struggle in advance. Yes, at the end of a standard educational experience, the teacher must pass a judgment on their best assessment of the learning of the student, but that should apply only to that class, that material, and that semester.

Next, the teacher, or rather, the educator, must be concerned about truth and what is ultimately true. Where the current knowledge is limited to theory, or something less than truth – a belief, a suspicion, a myth – the teacher should say so. And the teacher must be open to two things: feedback from the student, and the perspective of the student given the benefit of the doubt as valid.

In this regard, while it is often obtuse, Mathematics is universally concerned with truth. Is it true that x=14.6? Is Green’s theorem true? Can you prove Fermat’s last theorem? If someone offers proof, it must be subject to review and critique by the mathematics community. Mathematical proofs are hard, but Math is concerned with truth.

Now apply that to teaching history, economics, culture, government, and legitimacy, and do it in today’s politics of terrible division. That’s what we aspire to do – meaning we are interested in feedback that is intended to help in the search for truth, but not feedback which is sophomoric, vomited, or ignorant. We do not hold ourselves responsible to have discourse with those who impersonate intellectual equivalent barbarians at the gate.

This is one of the reasons why we list Paolo Friere as an influence – not because we call some groups oppressors and other oppressed – no – but because history is written by the winners, and this complicates our search for truth.

Help Wanted – Both from other nations and across this one

We recognize that culture is inherently tied to government. Given a fundamental respect for other cultures, we seek contact with believers in self-government in different nations to be a voice for (some of, or maybe all of) those people. What cultures should consider self-government? That’s a great question. We don’t yet have an answer.

But also, we seek anyone willing to help contribute to our educational mission in the USA.