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Why we do what we do

To uplift every human being on earth

Simon Sinek – Start with Why

We believe. We believe in human beings’ abilities to strive. We believe there is a yearning inside every human. We believe that every human probably wants something like Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness – however poor that is a descriptor for universal yearning, it is the best we have that is universally understood.

We also believe some depressing things to be true about humanity – we study history, after all. But we know two things – the vast majority of humanity had no voice, no power to influence the course of events of human history, and if you gave them a fractional piece – say a vote – they would vote to have rules, stability, legitimacy, and peace, because while they may not be rich or powerful, they still want….life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We have studied history. One conclusion is that the education of the voting public matters. It matters a lot. Another conclusion is that an educated population will generally vote to expand liberties and protections for people to live in peace in society, even at some small personal cost, because ultimately they can perceive the moral conflict in asserting their own rights while actively denying those rights to others. Besides, what is more important? Your right to life/liberty/happiness, or depriving someone else of theirs?

We don’t believe in ‘government’

Government is just a thing. Iron exists. We don’t believe in government to solve problems any more than we believe in iron to solve problems. Iron can be beat into a sword or a weapon. It can also be formed into a ploughshare. Similarly, government can be bent to the will of one man ( as it often has throughout history) or it can be harnessed by the will of We The People. Do we believe in self-government as a tool where people abide the rights and protections of others in purpose of a social contract of we the people’s pursuit of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? Well, yes, we already said we believe in the yearning of humanity. It is so infrequent that humanity fully harnesses government, though. Perhaps fuller civic behaviors will lead to better performance from our ploughshares.